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Rehab Chiro’s – “Stop Being Cheap!”
Rehab Chiro’s – “Stop Being Cheap!”

Rehab Chiro’s – “Stop Being Cheap!”

Commitment is Critical but Cheap Can’t be an Option

Why do some of the best chiropractors struggle while some of those giving the least valuable care succeed? It’s an unfortunate truth of our profession which has left us with a consistently low reputation matched only by our low market utilization.  And though there may be multiple reasons for this, I want to discuss just one – Commitment.

Commitment to the most desired reality is the first reason.  Some of us find mentorship that pushes us towards quick profitability.  The primary focus is not on providing the most efficient and effective care.  Rather, it follows the mantra of “some will, some won’t, who cares, who’s next.”  And while this hurts our profession in the long run, it cannot be argued that this commitment to the mantra and to the desired reality of business security has provided a legitimate pathway to financial success.

On the contrary, some of us found mentorship that drove us toward a “feel good fairy tale.”  We decided to just do a few research-supported things and if the patient felt pain relief, we were happy.  If the patient didn’t feel better, we’d refer.  Regardless, we thought it would be a good idea to treat patients less than 6 times and often for a miniscule cost compared to the value we provided.  We were committed to “feeling good” about our “fairy tale” practice while at the same time signing our financial death certificate.  It just doesn’t work!

Altruism is wonderful, but it doesn’t pay the bills and you can’t deposit smiles and hugs at the bank.  Yet, selling a dream outcome and delivering a 2-star experience isn’t going to build a life of true fulfillment.  So, what is the solution?

Balance.  Do what is right, but don’t be afraid to collect.  Give the patient what they need but be honest with the time it will take to revolutionize their life.  A personal trainer would never suggest that 100 lbs. of weight loss is just on the other side of 6 training sessions.  Much the same, we should be honest that true restoration of ideal postural balance and full movement capacity takes much more than a handful of visits. 

It’s time for Rehab Chiro’s to stop being cheap and start driving the future of the profession.  We’ve been stuck at 10% market utilization for far too long and it is mostly in part to our willingness to deliver cheap care as a solution to the “old-school” low quality care. 

There is nothing wrong with philosophy.  The art of guiding a patient to a dream outcome is why many of us are referred to as “magicians.”  And strong science must be a part of our profession’s future.  Those of us who embody all these characteristics must be willing to build business models that can provide great experience for patients and solid opportunities for new doctors.  Our profession depends on it. 

Telecare Rx software can help make all this happen.  If you are serious about providing high quality care, getting paid what you are worth, avoiding burnout, and providing a world class experience for your patient, then it’s time to do something different.  It’s time to do something better.  Smash any of the buttons and… Let’s Talk!

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