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Rehab Chiro’s – You Crushing it Yet?
Rehab Chiro’s – You Crushing it Yet?

Rehab Chiro’s – You Crushing it Yet?

It’s Time to Leverage the Value Equation

The perception versus reality divide can be massive when starting chiropractic practice. 

You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain a skill set, but you weren’t really told how to deploy that skill set.  Becoming an associate seems safe, but quickly loses its intrigue as you are forced to use “old-school” methods.  But starting your own practice seems like you are risking your entire life. 

Then you get the question, “how are things going?”

After a gulp and moment of composure you say, “GREAT!”

This doesn’t have to be the case.  The divide between your reality and what others may perceive of your reality doesn’t have to be so wide.  There are solutions.

Understanding and effectively leveraging the Value Equation is an absolute must.  In Alex Hormozi’s $100M Offers he breaks down the value equation as follows:

As a Rehab Chiro, leveraging the value equation can be the difference between success and failure

For Rehab Chiro’s, we have such an advantage because we offer so much value.  The top part of the equation is so amazing.  We offer more and deeper outcomes and the likelihood of achieving them is far greater than our “old-school” counterparts.  However, that can become a problem when considering the bottom part of the equation.

The denominator (bottom part) of the equation is the thing that will drive the value.  In other words, the dream outcome and perceived likelihood are irrelevant if the time delay and effort are too great.  As Rehab Chiro’s we often ask our patients to be patient while expecting them to do a lot of homework.  So, unless we have something to minimize these variables, we struggle to win with the value equation. 

Enter TeleCare Rx!

We have built a suite of software solutions that reduce time delay while slashing effort and sacrifice necessary for both the doctor and the patient.  Not only that, but it also tells a clear and irrefutable story which enhances dream outcomes and magnifies the likelihood of achievement.

So, yes.  Telecare Rx does help you effectively leverage the value equation in your Rehab Chiro Practice.  It’s time to use some new technology to push our profession forward.  Smash any of the buttons and… Let’s Talk!

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