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Chiropractors, Stop Failing!
Chiropractors, Stop Failing!

Chiropractors, Stop Failing!

A Great Sales Cycle Makes Marketing Work

As chiropractors we’ve all done it – spent thousands of dollars on marketing efforts just to see our hard-earned dollars produce little to no return.

Then we hire a marketing firm, and we might get some results, but nothing like we were hoping.  And if we do get some new patients trickling in, they are generally not the high-quality new patients we desire. 

From there half of us embrace the grind until we find traction, while the other half change professions. 

It’s a very sad, but very true story.  Chiropractors go into tremendous student debt only to experience massive struggle through the first several years of practice.  Roughly 1 in 2 doctors are no longer practicing after 5 years even though we represent the best portal of entry option for patients to experience true and lasting results.  Yes, very sad indeed.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?  What if there was something out there that could help chiropractors succeed quickly?  What if we could TRIPLE the number of chiropractors that continue practice after 5 years?

How Do You Make It Better?

TeleCare Rx has made it a priority to achieve these goals within the chiropractic profession.  Here are 3 things you can do to avoid be a victim of the 5-year attrition statistic:

  1. Have a solid Sales System in place to effectively educate more new patients into saying “yes” to your recommendations.  Converting new patients to your treatment guidance at a high rate will ensure that achieve PROFITABILITY quickly.
  2. Have a solid Retention System that increases the length of your value delivery.  Early in practice, new doctors are so focused on relieving pain that they neglect that there are far more valuable services to offer the patient.  Understand how to continue providing valuable services that your patients greatly desire and you will see PROFITABILITY transition into a strong CASH FLOW position. 
  3. Reduce the cost of Patient Acquisition.  New patients from existing patients should always be the acquisition goal.  When compared to the cost of acquiring a new patient from Meta Platforms or from Google Ads (very expensive), the cost of acquiring new patients from existing patients is microscopic (almost FREE).  Achieve this objective and you will see your practice develop into a STABLE CASH MACHINE.

Now What?

It’s time to see what we have to offer at TeleCare Rx.  We used over a decade of successful clinical experience to streamline the process of PROFITABILITY to STRONG CASH FLOW to STABLE CASH MACHINE.

If you want to reduce your chances of failure while maximizing the speed towards stability, then you must talk with us.  Fill out the contact information and we will set up a chat.  We will discuss your unique situation and understand how our solutions can improve your progression toward success.  If we are a match, we transition to our Catalyst Onboarding that will get you fully prepared in 2 weeks or less. 

You have nothing to lose and much to gain, so smash that button and…

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