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How Does All This Work?
How Does All This Work?

How Does All This Work?

Best Practices to Maximize Your TeleCare Rx Investment – Overview

When you’re up and running, this seems like a silly question.  Yet before you experience the power of technology in your practice, this may be the only question on your mind.  This is especially true when you are new to practice or new to running your own office.  Small business is difficult and unforgiving.  Regardless of if you’re bootstrapping with credit cards, operating off a business loan, or getting started from a savings fund, you must be smart with your purchases.  You must ensure that whatever you invest in yields a very solid and steady return.

Having practiced for over a decade and still practicing today, the previous paragraph isn’t a guess.  It’s a well-understood reality.  And because of that, I want to help you with some best practices.  My primary goal is to help you become wildly successful in practice by efficiently leveraging our technology.  My secondary goal is that through our successes we not only remodel the chiropractic profession but all of health care.  Patients get better outcomes and chiropractors have more and better opportunities.  Now let’s get going!

This overview is the first part of a four-part series designed to help you integrate TeleCare Rx into your practice.  The subsequent parts are as follows:

  1. First Day Musts
  2. Second Day Opportunity
  3. Third Day Confirmation

The overview will give you a good grasp of the best workflow.  The other parts will give you more of the specifics.  Following these suggestions will increase the likelihood of your success because they are field-tested and proven to produce results.  However, the software was designed to accommodate the entrepreneur spirit of the profession.  That said, if you have your own workflows or want to modify this workflow to fit your specificity, please do so.

3 Key Concepts to Efficiently Leverage TeleCare Rx in Your Practice

#1 Getting a Wow on Day 1 Assessment and the Convenience Grab

Some patients come to your office due to your hard work in marketing.  Others decide on you because of a trusted referral.  Some will walk through your doors because you are the closest thing to them.  Regardless of why a patient comes to your office, there are 2 things that must happen on the first visit.  The patient must have a “wow” experience(s) and they must feel that your care will be convenient in their generally “busy” life. 

To accomplish this, we specifically designed the assessment feature to be smooth, easy, and visually powerful.  This is true for the initial examination, but also subsequent evaluations that can be compared and accessed any time the patient desires.  But the assessment feature isn’t the only “wow” factor.  It’s important to remember that no other visit will cover more information than the first visit.  Unfortunately, the patient will only remember 1-3 things.  The patient education section very quickly becomes a virtual portal back to the office to help the patient remember all the critical information you provide.  And if you treat on the first day, having the first exercise preloaded into their primary treatment plan will not only shock the patient with your technological efficiency, but also wow them with the convenience that you provide.

Check out this quick video for a real time example:

#2 The Truth Can Hurt, But the Camera Doesn’t Lie

In the end, patients want to feel better, but they also want everything to make sense.  One of the difficulties in the chiropractic profession is legitimately substantiating treatment in a way that makes sense to the patient.  This is true because many chiropractic explanations are philosophical.  They also lack tangible, visual, or objective measurements that a patient can not only understand but fully believe.  TeleCare Rx solves this problem by focusing on video assessment of postures and movements.  Though the patient rarely enjoys seeing themself on camera, there is no doubt they appreciate the honesty of the video and still frame images. 

This is very true in the assessment portion of the software, but also in the patient education and at home exercise sections.  Having a virtual portal back to the office for critical information and at-home exercise compliance and efficiency is a favorite feature of our patients.  Seeing the exercise videos and reading the specific instant messages creates a perfect reference in each patient’s specific profile.  It reinforces the “wow” and convenience factors.

Check out this quick video for a real time example:

#3 Making it Easy and Academic

One of the worst parts of being a chiropractor can be the used car salesperson feeling when delivering treatment recommendations or plans.  But the truth is that it generally only feels slimy if its actually slimy.  Using TeleCare Rx to help “wow” your patient while actually feeling the convenience takes away all of this negative perception.  What we find is that if the patient does well through the first two visits, the recommendations on the third visit are easy and academic.  They are simply a verification of what is already know by both the doctor and they patient.  It is simply and confirmation of a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Check out this quick video for a real time example:

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