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Is the Economy to Blame for Your Practice Struggles?
Is the Economy to Blame for Your Practice Struggles?

Is the Economy to Blame for Your Practice Struggles?

The Struggle is Real

I graduated chiropractic school and started practice in the middle of 2009.  And though everything confirms that reality, I generally say that 2010 was my first year in practice.  There is no other reason for this than my first 3-6 months of private practice being relatively terrible.

Was I a bad doctor?

Was I incompetent?

Did I pick the wrong field?

Perception versus Reality

The answer to these questions was NO!  I was in the top tier of my graduating class, voted most likely to succeed, and I was highly motivated.  Yet, like so many other young chiropractors, I struggled to find success.

If you need a quick history lesson, the year 2010 market the heart of the Great Recession.  The housing bubble had burst because of subprime lending practices, the banking industry was in chaos, and the automobile industry was literally on life-support.  And while those were fantastic excuses for my professional problems, they were only contributing factors to the real issue.

My primary problem was that I didn’t have the confidence of my patients.  I didn’t have their respect.  And without confidence or respect, there was no compliance. 

Fast forward 12 years and I have almost zero issues with compliance.  Patients either commit immediately or they find another office (which is absolutely fantastic… you don’t want people who don’t get it!) 

You see, I’ve grown as a doctor over the last decade, but that isn’t why patients became more compliant and practice became a lot easier. It was something else.

Value is the Key Component

We are currently in a difficult and unknown economic situation.  Pandemic, war, oil, supply chain, interest rates, and inflation are all fantastic excuses for tough times in your practice.  It would be easy to blame any of these realities for less-than-ideal results.

But why then does my associate continue to grow his practice?

Why am I seeing more patient volume than I’d like?

Why did we have a record week of new patients with zero marketing effort or cost?

The answer is simple.  Our treatment system is incredibly valuable to our patients. 

Sure, we have our own special way of doing things, but every chiropractic office has its own claim to treatment superiority.  The key difference is that we have something that deepens the impact on our patients.  We have something that increases the short- and long-term value of their investment in our office.  We have TeleCare Rx. 

It’s a “Game-Changer”

I could go on and on discussing the power of this software, but I’d rather you listen to Dr. Jake’s testimonial or contact me so I can answer all your questions.  To bridge that divide, I’ll simply share the following realities that TeleCare Rx creates for providers and patients:

  • Simplified new patient processing with more powerful data collection
  • Enhanced patient education features that do the work for you and in a far more effective way
  • Assessment tool that shows reality and quickly solidifies patient buy-in
  • Patient profile and unique all-in-one dashboard that organizes at-home recommendations by diagnosis and phase of progression
  • Communication thread and notification system that allows for simple and powerful communications
  • Asynchronous video chat feature that brings current technology trends into your treatment experience.
  • Video review feature that allows for billable digital treatment and/or an extreme enhancement to the overall value of your services
  • Generates a fantastic Return on Investment

Yes, there is more but I think you get the idea that TeleCare Rx is an extremely powerful software that focuses on bringing value to the provider by producing value to the patient.  No other software is doing what TeleCare Rx is doing and we are just scratching the surface.  Let’s talk about what we can do to help your practice and what we can do to enhance chiropractic’s reach in your community.

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