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Phases of Care – Critical to Practice Health
Phases of Care – Critical to Practice Health

Phases of Care – Critical to Practice Health

Are You Doing a Good Job?

Patient management through phases of care can be smooth and effortless. It can also be extremely difficult. The reality is that most doctors will see a combination of both. Regardless, being able to progress a patient through phases of care is very important. If you do it well, you achieve great outcomes for your patient and you build a strong and stable practice. If you struggle, confidence in yourself and your business can drop.

All of our features are designed to streamline your practice with efficiency, while impressing your patients. The ability to subcategorize your at-home recommendations into acute, intermediate, and advanced phases will do two things. First, it will impress your patients with it’s long term efficiency and aesthetic cleanliness. Next it will impress upon your patients the need for continued management toward the best outcome. Both will strengthen your influence with the patient and increase their likelihood of getting great results.

What if a Patient Re-activates?

We don’t mention this in the tutorial, but this feature is incredibly powerful for reactivations. Imagine needing only 3-5 seconds to see every problem for which the patient has been treated and every exercise you have given. Not only that, but but every recommendation is categorized neatly into the phases of care. Imagine taking 3-5 seconds to pick up where you left off as opposed to scrambling to remember anything. Now that’s power!

In a perfect world, our patients would all progress from acute care to a long term relationship (whatever that means to you). We hope this happens for you, and when it does we will have you ready with this feature. Enjoy the tutorial:

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