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Video Library – Default List or DIY Options
Video Library – Default List or DIY Options

Video Library – Default List or DIY Options

Our Default List is a Great Start

Hey Docs!

Welcome back to another feature spotlight focusing on the Video Library. As you know our entire software is structured around video replacing a rehab specialist or protecting your valuable time. We very quickly realized that we needed to build out a comprehensive list of exercises. We did this based on the most common protocols utilized in the chiropractic profession. And while we are continuously expanding the library to meet the needs of our clients, it is already a good list.

No more sending patients to YouTube or using poorly performed exercises by clueless models. Our video library has been produced by Jared Van Anne MS, DC. Over the last decade, Dr. Van Anne has been dedicated to bringing quality rehab to his patients while continuously evaluating rehab trends throughout all of fitness and conservative care. Our default library will always strive to include the best in rehab protocols. It will also utilized real world experience to provide progressions and adaptations that patients actually use. And unlike many protocols, our video library is open to the suggestions of our clients.

You Can Customize Your Own Video Library

While it can sometimes be a frustration, our profession allows for massive creativity and embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. So, there is undoubtedly a need to build out specific rehab protocols, nutrition programs, fitness guides, and many others. Knowing this, we’ve allowed you to not only upload your favorite videos, but also create your own right through the software.

Regardless, you can standardize any non-contact treatments and education into your provider library. Just think of the time saved and the convenience created for both you and your patients.

Enjoy the savings, reduced strain, and protection from burnout while you continue to lead your communities to greater levels of health.

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