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Patients Love Specificity
Patients Love Specificity

Patients Love Specificity

Building a Caring Connection with Your Patients

With more than a decade of chiropractic practice under my belt, I am very aware of many things.  One is that the amount of connection I foster with a patient is far more important than my expertise.  In other words, the patient must be seen, heard, and understood before a solution is delivered.  And while hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt might make that nauseating, it is still no less true. 

If you try to do create this connection solely on your own, it will get exhausting.  Thankfully the software does much of this for you.  From the assessments feature to the pre-built library, to the in-office exercise video capture, TeleCare Rx has your back.  If you are looking to reduce overhead and burnout, while increasing connection and outcomes with your patients, contact us to learn more. 

Nuance of Progression

The devil is in the details.  I say that progression is in the subtleties.   

In my experience, the subtle changes you make in a patient’s existence are the things that eventually stick.  The strange cue that helps them reconnect with perfect posture or the abstract saying that helps them eat cleaner.  These little things make all the difference with generating consistent and excellent outcomes. 

If that’s true, then it is critical to maximize the opportunity for these occurrences in your practice.  Again, TeleCare Rx has your back.  We created the in-office video capture feature to document these moments for the patient’s future reference.  The video shows all the nuance pieces of a given exercise as the patient does it in the office.  We capture all the little changes, all the cues, and all the connections.  Just think of the accuracy and compliance that can be created in all patient education with this simple feature.

If you are serious about connecting with your patient, reducing burnout, simplifying your workflows, and using the type of technology your patients rely on, then contact us today.

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