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Patient Assessments Prove Outcomes
Patient Assessments Prove Outcomes

Patient Assessments Prove Outcomes

The Patient Believes What They Can See

In decades past, X-Ray was King of patient assessments. And while imaging still has its place within healthcare, it is rapidly losing its validity regarding patient education. The “80 year old” spine conversation is seeing its last days as we no longer need a “sales” tactic to justify care. As the saying goes, “the mirror doesn’t lie.” Therefore, video evaluation of both posture and movement is now taking its rightful place at the assessment throne.

No more dedicated rooms, expensive equipment, lead gowns, and long procedures to get a 2-D image that shows very little. Imagine the cost savings of using video patient assessments of actual activities of daily living. Consider the patient buy-in that is developed with connecting posture and movement to the actual problem. Think of being able to gather this in seconds and using it as the cornerstone of a patients progression. TeleCare Rx does just that to reduce cost, enhance patient education, and boost outcomes for long term patient engagement.

Improved Patient Assessments Increase Relationship Longevity

There are generally two extremes when it comes to chiropractic treatment plans. The first sees doctors neglecting to give a plan while treating patients 2-4 times before declaring victory. The second involves the doctor giving a standard, year long treatment plan that has low specificity and high patient commitment. Both are very troublesome. If you are looking to develop a patient-centered practice that positions you as the NMS primary care physician, then TeleCare Rx is the perfect software to support your ideal practice.

There are still many who doubt chiropractic, but if seeing is believing then the patient assessments feature could be the most important part of your practice.

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