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Third Visit Best Practices
Third Visit Best Practices

Third Visit Best Practices

Making it Easy and Academic

It’s Great for the Patient

The first three visits are undoubtedly the most important for any patient in your practice.  This is the time when they are excited and most likely to commit to your recommendation.  But this is only true if you do a good job with education and treatment. 

Nobody wants to feel like a used-car salesman.  So, don’t!

Instead, use TeleCare Rx software to make the treatment recommendations easy and academic. 

If you successfully “wow” the patient on the first visit with the assessment and convenience grab and follow with the realistic evaluation in the second visit, then it is simply a confirmation of what is known on the third visit.

Let’s go through that again:

  1. The first visit is all about showing off how easy you are going to make the patient’s care. 
  2. The second visit is all about proving the relevance of your care and exactly why it is needed. 
  3. If you deliver any decent results through the first 2-3 visits, then it is all but academic that the patient will follow your recommendations so long as they aren’t outrageous. 

It’s Great for You and Your Bottom-line

This is also the time when the software can pay for itself. 

That’s right, pay for itself.

I generally charge a one-time fee for the patient to use the software that ranges from $39 to $79 depending on the patient and the complexity of their problems.  So, if I have 10 patients commit to care at an average of $50 for TeleCare Rx access, I make $500 for simply using the software. 

Currently the monthly cost is $397.  So, I make over $100 using the software. 

That is a direct revenue measure.  But, if I consider that the software has increase my visits per new patient by 4 visits at $50 a visit, I quickly realize that TeleCare Rx is also generating indirect revenue.  Specifically, it is generating my $200 more dollars per new patient.  If I have 10 quality new patients each month it is generating me $2000 in indirect revenue on top of the $500 of direct revenue.

Who wouldn’t want an easy $2500/month in extra revenue and overall practice growth?

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