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At Home Exercise Update
At Home Exercise Update

At Home Exercise Update

Time is Money

The recent update to “adding a session” fully embodies this truth. In the past, you had to create an at home exercise session and then go back and add the video example. It was clunky but still far more efficient than teaching from a handout, taking a video through a patient’s phone, searching YouTube, or hoping the patient would remember. No more of that. Now you can have all the efficiency with the smoothest flow possible.

This feature spotlight shows how it’s done quickly. You create the at home exercise session, make any necessary notes, select the video, set the subcategory, and you are done. Everything populates into the perfect place in the patient’s profile in less than 30 seconds. Then you teach from the video and have the patient reproduce the content. Simple and easy, while increasing accuracy, confidence, patient buy-in, and outcomes.

Virtual Reality in Your Practice

No, people aren’t putting on headsets and meeting you in the Metaverse for their at home exercise. At least not yet.

What we mean by “virtual reality” is more about the patient having a virtual portal back to your office. This is critical, because patients aren’t none compliant on purpose. The people you serve don’t struggle because they don’t care, they struggle because they can’t remember. Life is hard. It gets complicated. A quick and easy reference for the patient at home or you in the office is a game changer.

Practice growth is all about efficiency. The faster you get the desired results, the happier the patient, the quicker you can get to the next patient, the more referrals your get, the faster your practice grows. This feature not only addresses efficiency with each session, but also with the overall flow of your patient progression. No more getting lost on the path to great outcomes. TeleCare Rx gives the critical assist in making you a perfect guide in your patients’ successes.

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